The Line.

At Workhorse speed shop, the priority is and will always be "aesthetic by performance". Racing dna builds year after year is now a signature. Specialized in Aluminium shaping and fabrication, the only limit is your imagination. I'm here to listen for your wishes and catalyse them trough my skills and influences. Show bike, race bike, or road bike whatever you want.. 

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Motorsport fabrication service.

As i challenge myself for years now on fabrication techniques and process i can offer a wide rage of services today for your racing project. I'm woking on short missions for fabrication mostly on racing cars and motorcycle for stuffs like:


- Welding: Aluminium, Titanium, Stainless steel, Steel, bronze brazing, etc..

- Metal shaping (Steel, Aluminium) for body parts etc. 

- 3D CAD design, for prototyping. 

- 3D Scan

- 3D Print in large format. 

- Carbon fiber works.

- CNC machining.

- Chassis and roll cage building. 

- ... 

If you have something in mind, feel free to drop a mail to

Instagram feed.